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Company profile

LOREMA Wellness s.r.o.
The company LOREMA Wellness s.r.o. (former name Sapho Hydro&Air s.r.o.) was founded in 1995. At the beginning we assembled hydromassage bath-tubs. At present the core of our production programme has been the components for the hydromassage systems of the bath-tubs and shower boxes. Our technical department has been permanently seeking new ways and solutions, aiming at innovation of the products and thus increasing customer satisfaction. We lay stress on quality and high utility value of the materials used, flawless surface treatment and functionality of all the applied components.

Exacting tests through the whole production and thorough output control form the basis of comfort not only for the domestic customers, but also for the ever growing number of the foreign clients. The quality of the products on offer and their reliability has been secured by meticulous selection of the suppliers, as well as through European quality and security certificates.

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