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LED spot

LED (spot) lights are used as lighting for steam saunas, swimming pools and whirlpools. They can serve as interior or exterior lighting in water or wet environments. The lights are therefore of course waterproof.
The lights have 8 primary colors and 4 automatic color modes.
Spot LED RGB light allows frontal LED replacement with a special key that you can also purchase from LOREMA Wellness.
If you buy a set that has a quadruple LED RGB for example, it is possible to change the entire backlight without a special key, which means a cable distribution including LED.
LOREMA Wellness offers the possibility to purchase 2 types of control units for installation. (max. 40 LED points, or max. 100 LED points).
The advantage is easy installation and programming, you only need a 2 - core cable.
To simplify your purchase, we also offer complete installation sets.

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